In Poland going to judge Ukrainian woman who gave birth to a child during a work shift

У Польщі збираються судити українку, що народила дитину під час робочої зміни

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Then the woman wanted to murder your own kid

In Poland will be judged Ukrainian woman who gave birth to a child right during the work shift, and then you tried to kill your own child. Now woman have to check psychiatrists, reports “24 channel”.

As it became known, the child could not be saved.

Psychologist Natalia kukhtina explains, this incident could have happened due to the fact that workers can not cope with psychological pressure. A situation in which people only work and no close relatives, traumatic to the psyche.

“This is not life, it is a substitution of life. Lives where mother, father; where children; where, for example, the husband’s life. And here just work. It’s incredibly difficult, incredibly difficult,” – said the psychologist.

She also advises everyone who plans to travel abroad in search of work, to decide the priorities in life.

“People who go to another country, of course, feel alone, they feel those that do not understand them. Ignorance of language, ignorance of law, inability to ask for help. And very often people come into some questionable relationships or even hide the pregnancy,” notes kuhtina.

In addition, she adds, is incorrect installation that money can solve all problems.

“You know, not everything in life measured with money. But, unfortunately, psychologically now people have formed the opinion that. Moreover, this is not a thought, it is the installation, it is a stereotype… If I had the money – I allow all the questions. No! Life, health, love, money can not buy”, – said the psychologist.