In Poland the priests burned books about Harry Potter as a “magical and harmful”

В Польше священники сожгли книги о Гарри Поттере как "магические и вредные"

In Poland in one of the churches in Gdansk priests in the presence and with the participation of the young Church boys, revealing burnt books about magic and fantasy worlds. Into the fire went the masks, action figures, toys, which the Catholic priests had a relationship with magic.

About this Twitter wrote the Polish journalist Martin Michalski and have attached photos.

“Under the hand” got a miserable Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling, book of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” and other fantastic, fabulous and magical story declared contrary to Christian faith and Christian teaching in public and set fire to. The priests consider it absolutely normal that they did, and no parallel to them in the head does not come.

“3 years of conservatives in power, and the country is returning to tribal barbarism,” wrote the journalist.

In fact, while in the world people create for children a bright fairy-tale worlds, there is always someone who burns books.