In Poland, the taxi driver brutally murdered Ukrainians

В Польше таксист зверски убил украинца

As reported by rmf24 portal. pl, on one of the Wroclaw streets, Arthur H., who was driving the car, collided with a cyclist, Yuri G. Men exchanged a few sentences, and then Yuri G. went in the direction of the Park.

Arthur H. began to catch up. When the men reached the Park, Arthur H. drove his car into a cyclist, and when he fell, went through his body with the front axle of his car. The victim was assisted by the witnesses to the situation. At the scene, was called the ambulance that took the victim to hospital. He suffered serious injuries.

The President of Poland was again involved in an accident

Police arrested Arthur H. As found by the police, both men were sober.

According to the press-Secretary of the District Prosecutor’s office Justyna Pilarczyk, the court directed the requirement about application to Arthur H. measure – temporary imprisonment of up to three months.

“Arthur H. is suspected of the attempted murder of Yury, which was moving on the bike. Arthur H. is suspected that he intentionally hit the cyclist and ran him over the front axle of the machine. Arthur H. faces a penalty of life imprisonment,” said Pilarczyk.

Recall that in Poland Ukrainian villages for 15 years for murder.