In Poland, was tragically killed Ukrainian in the course of production

В Польше трагически погиб украинец во время рабочего производства

In the Polish port of Gdansk killed a 31-year-old zarobitchany, who worked as a longshoreman. It is reported

– During the loading of the fertilizers, the load of the stacker collapsed on a man with a two-meter height. On the scene called an ambulance, but despite the attempt to revive the victim, he died as a result of head injuries, – said the representative of the port of Gdansk Anna Drozd.

This fact was confirmed by law enforcement authorities, noting that the burden fell on the head of a man with a height of about 2 meters.

– Uniform initial results indicate that during the transport of cargo on the pallet truck, the goods on the vehicle, separated and slid off of the forks. Falling from a height of about two meters, he hit the head of the 31-year-old man, – said the press-Secretary of the headquarters of the municipal police in gdańsk.

The Prosecutor’s office establishes all circumstances of an event.


This is not the first accident, which killed the Ukrainian workers. At the end of may in the Polish lake Novopecherskie found the bodies of two Ukrainians who went missing men went by boat to the store, but never came back. According to the preliminary version of police, the men got into the boat after shopping, but not lost control and drowned.

It is known that men were aged 31 and 36 years old. Both were citizens of Ukraine, came to Poland to work. Divers for a long time could not find the body due to heavy silt on the bottom of the pond.

Law enforcement officers