In Portugal because of the threat of erosion they want to demolish the village, residents against

В Португалии из-за угрозы эрозии хотят снести деревню, жители против

Residents of coastal areas of Portugal are protesting over plans for mass demolition. Officials say this is necessary to protect against the onset of the sea.

Residents of the seaside village of Paramos in the North of Portugal threatened mass protests in the hope of saving their homes. The fact that the Agency for the environment decided to carry virtually all of the structure from erosion, which is exacerbated by climate change. Officials fear that there is a threat to the lives of people, local residents do not agree:

— I think it’s absurd. We never had problems, serious problems with the sea. Yes, the spray from the sea reach the chapel, but nothing serious happens.

— The sea does not harm anyone. I’m not afraid, I’m afraid to lose my house and all my possessions. Because at my age it is impossible to restore everything. I’m not leaving, even if they try to force on me.

Pinto Moreira, the mayor of Espinho, to whom Paramos, also believes that the proposed demolition of houses is not the best solution to protect the villagers from coastal erosion:

“We believe that investments in strengthening the banks, a new technology to protect against erosion, installation of protective structures in the sea while maintaining the village will allow people to better prepare for emergencies and stop the advance of the sea”.

The materials of the state plan of subdivision of the coastal areas testify to the threat of demolition of many houses and buildings in the coastal area stretching over 120 km from Caminha to Espinho. This applies not only small villages but also the city of Porto.

In the list of buildings that can carry the threat of erosion, the complex was built in preparation for the Port to adopt the title of European capital of culture in 2001, Is a famous architect from Catalonia Clara Sola-Morales. For the construction of a spent 7.5 million euros.

As the correspondent of Euronews Philip Search, “this is just one of the measures in the Portuguese Plan for the surveying of coastal areas. In the next ten years the government intends to spend nearly half a billion euros to reduce the risks of coastal erosion and to reduce the threat posed by climate change”.

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