In Priluki stormed the offices of the interior Ministry because of the death of a teenager who suspended the chief of police. What is known about the tragedy

В Прилуках пошли на штурм отделения МВД из-за гибели подростка, отстранен шеф полиции. Что известно о трагедии

In Pryluky in Chernihiv region under strange circumstances killed 14-year-old Denis Chalenko.

According to parents and according to media reports, the local police tried to hush up the case as to the death of the boy may have had a son of the Kiev judge.

Residents of Priluki perturbed by the situation, staged a spontaneous rally outside the Department of the interior Ministry, set fire to tires and smashed the metal door to the station. After this tragedy had a nationwide resonance.

A statement was made by the head of national police Igor Klimenko – he took the case of the death of Denis Chalenko under the capital’s control and suspended the police chief of Priluki.

“The country” to find out what is known about the circumstances of the boy’s death and what happens in Priluki.

What is known of the death of Denis Chalenko

Tuesday, October 29, the train tracks in Priluki found the body of a local resident, 14-year-old schoolboy Denis Chalenko.

In the second half of the day the child went to class in the section on Boxing, but go home in the usual time has not returned and calls to the parents did not respond.

Parents went looking for him and a few miles from my house found traces of blood. These footprints, with the footprints led them to the place of death son at the local railway station.

Denis Chalenko died 29 November in Pryluky

Police issued a verdict was an accident, he was hit by a train. However, parents did not believe.

First, on the child’s body was discovered bruises. Second, according to mom and dad, a week before the incident their son had been receiving threats (which, in what form and did they know of the security forces – unknown).

Opinion that the death of Denis Chalenko was no accident, but murder, was expressed by the doctors who examined his body. Also the assistant engineer, who was interviewed indicated that even before the train saw the body of the dead boy.

The investigation into the murder of Denis Chalenko

A statement about the investigation in the days that followed were made by the chief of the police Priluk Alexander Yatsyk.

Yatsyk said that a guy from the phone which received threats, the police conducted a conversation. However, the police have found that in relation to the death of Dennis, he has not. So let him go.

Also, the media reported that the assistant engineer, acting as a witness, the security forces exerted pressure urged him to change his testimony and say that the guy still hit by the train.

Yatsyk has promised to investigate the case for a week, and if the results will not be, then he will retire.

Parents conducted their own investigation. According to them, their son was beat to death four boys aged about 16 years. Possible cause crime they believe that Denis whether he had attentions to the girl, or stood up for her. On this basis a conflict occurred.

Also, according to media reports, the police Priluk trying to lower business on brakes, since the death of Dennis may be involved in the son of the Kiev judge.

Assault police Priluki

Thursday, 31 October, dissatisfied with the course of the investigation, residents of Priluki staged a protest under the building of the city police Department. Gathered several hundred people. People brought tires and set them on fire.

Women shouted: “shame!” And men broke down the metal door of the police station, where they were not allowed by the security forces. They tried to break through to the chief of police Alexander Yatsyk.

In this time of separation came the boy’s parents and the storm stopped they announced that they had reached agreement that will set up a special investigation team headed by specialists from Chernigov.

However, local residents did not suit such a development. Some of them remained to spend the night under the police station and some came back again on Friday morning, October 1.

A spontaneous rally in Priluki near the police station. Video screenshot

The objective of the investigation, residents of Priluki wanted all of Friday. In the evening, at 21 hours, on the website of national police has reported the situation in Chernihiv region, which has already gained nationwide resonance.

“The most objective investigation of the causes and circumstances of the tragic death of guy is this?? the task I will deliver the best investigator of the Central office. So, tomorrow (Saturday, November 2 – Ed.) all materials of criminal proceedings will be transferred to the Main investigation Department, where their study will take a group of experienced investigators and operatives,” – said the head of national police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko.

Klimenko also added that his order, he dismissed the chief of the police Priluk Alexandra Yatsyk from the performance of official duties.

В Прилуках пошли на штурм отделения МВД из-за гибели подростка, отстранен шеф полиции. Что известно о трагедии

В Прилуках пошли на штурм отделения МВД из-за гибели подростка, отстранен шеф полиции. Что известно о трагедии