In PrivatBank explained the lock on the children’s cards without warning

В ПриватБанке объяснили блокировку детских карт без предупреждения

Customers protested that this weekend when everything is closed suddenly blocked the card with funds for children.

Reports the complaint to actions of PrivatBank published on the website of Ministry of Finance.

According to the perturbed Ukrainka, her “forgot” to notify that the card receives the child support payments will be blocked.

“PrivatBank has blocked the card, which receives child support through the decision of the contractor, first, the letter nor the decision of the contractor, nor for blocking the card did not come to contact with the operator of PrivatBank for clarification of issues impossible, and it all happened on Saturday morning when the Executive office and the Bank closed for the weekend,” shared a woman.

In PrivatBank explained what to do in such cases is:

“Unfortunately, the Bank is forced to suspend operations on Your accounts according to the resolution on imposition of arrest. You need to resolve the issue with the contractor. To find out contact information of the contractor, the number of enforcement proceedings (OP) You can go to the website of the Ministry of justice. To learn the amount of the debt, providing copies of letters of arrestment, the reasons for the arrest from the contractor. Upon admission to a us request to lift the seizure of the Executive service, the restriction will be removed within 1-3 business days.”