In ptsu denied common myths about the feast of the Epiphany

В ПЦУ опровергли распространенные мифы о празднике Крещения

Bathing in ice-hole on Epiphany does not lead to spiritual cleansing and “free” from sin. In addition, there is no need to stock up on plenty of Holy water.

In recent years, during the celebration of Baptism is increasingly in the waters settle mass diving, this reports the press service of the DNC on his Facebook page.

Bathing can be arranged in order to “wash away sins”. In fact, however, is not exempt for the Ukrainian people, this practice was not usual.

Beloved brothers and sisters, bathing in the ice hole at the Baptism in no way leads to spiritual cleansing and “free” from sin! Any requirements of the Church to take such action and, according to the researchers, the Ukrainian people, it had no distribution

– note in ptsu.

They point out that it is important to understand the essence of the Christian holiday and “not to confuse it with fashion, traditions, folk beliefs, especially a prejudice or superstition.”

“Holy water is not a magic, but is fertile (especially for the human spirit) properties for those who with faith accept it. Dive into the hole will never replace the Sacraments of Confession and Communion. Water does not wash away sins, because sin is not an external problem but an internal disease of the soul”, – stated in the message.

In addition, at the Baptism there is no need to ask the priest to “sprinkle a little more,” because there is no concept of “diluted Holiness.”

There is no need to store water in large cans or canisters. After all, the one who will bring the sanctification of even the biggest Bank, but with the dark thoughts and empty heart will not receive “greater Holiness”.

Not on the amount of water depends the sanctity and degree received gifts of divine grace, and the way you approach the Lord, your lifestyle, your changes in the soul, of faith, of deeds,

– added to the Church.

In the PCU noted that the Church does not forbid diving in cold water is a right and a choice for everyone. But the main thing – not to turn this bath into a magical ritual, an occasion for drunkenness, pride or condemnation of one’s neighbor.

Who the doctors do not recommend swimming at Baptism

  • people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • with chronic diseases of the genitourinary, respiratory systems and nasopharynx in remission;
  • with temperatures above 37 degrees under any circumstances;
  • pregnant;
  • with disorders of the endocrine system and diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • epileptics and people with convulsive diseases;
  • any disease in the acute state;
  • with conjunctivitis or glaucoma;
  • tuberculosis;
  • with diabetes.