In Reni port will build the LNG terminal, which will enable to diversify gas supplies to Ukraine

В порту Рени построят СПГ-терминал, что позволит диверсифицировать поставки газа в Украину

The administration of seaports of Ukraine presented an investment project to establish a liquefied natural gas terminal (LNG) in the port of Reni on the Danube. In particular, the Agency plans to build a large complex for the receiving, accumulation, storage and bunkering of LNG-tankers.

The project, whose cost is not known, according to officials, will allow to intensify the work of the port and will stimulate the economy of the entire region. And refer to the European Directive from 2014, on which member countries should ensure access of vessels to the infrastructure of filling liquefied gases. Indeed, under the new environmental standards all of them will soon have to drastically reduce the emissions of harmful substances and, therefore, to abandon the use as fuel of heavy fuel oil.

However, experts say, much more importance the project has for the country’s energy security. Indeed, through its implementation, Ukraine will be able to purchase liquefied natural gas and then using Renee to send it to the “tube”. A significant volume of the supply port to ensure, however, will not be able, according to UBR.

“To build LNG terminals was followed by another in 2015. The issue here is not the economy, but in defense of the state. Indeed, in the case of open war first bombs fall exactly on the pipelines,” says energy expert Andrei Starostin.

According to him, the load terminal in Reni it is possible “Turkish” gas. Technically Ukraine can buy gas from Qatar, and swap operations to obtain it from the Turkish stores on Turkish tankers. So, it solves the problem of the passage of the Bosphorus.

“I think for a long time investors will not have to search. After the potential of the LNG market is very significant. It not only send to the burners through a system of pipelines, but also to supply small enterprises,” says Starostin.

Of course, economically more profitable to transport gas through pipes, but the latter do not always reach consumers. And if we are talking about the average business, for example, for the production of ceramics, or even peasant farmers with their sensoriskam, it is much cheaper to buy a barrel of gas than to pull the pipeline. Moreover, the fuel they use regularly.

The officials, speaking on the prospects of the project, reminisce about Reni proximity to the international highway Odessa-Bucharest as well as increased trade with the EU. This, they believe, should attract the attention of potential investors. The assets of the terminal will be transferred to long-term management of the investor, together with the right of use of the adjacent port facilities. The investor will receive the right to participate in a number of international and European tenders for the development of a network of LNG terminals (TEN-T). The port of Reni is one of the key network of transit corridors set by the EU.