In response to “soup Cheburashka” Zelensky accused Tymoshenko of “sour soup”

В ответ на "суп из Чебурашки" Зеленский обозвал Тимошенко "скисшим борщом"

The presidential candidate of Ukraine, showman Vladimir Zelensky reacted sharply to criticism from presidential candidate and leader of the party “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko.

On his page in Facebook Zelensky has called Tymoshenko “sour soup,” reports

We will remind, on 7 March published an interview with project KishkiNa chief editor Sonya Koshkina, Tymoshenko, commenting on the high rating Zelensky said that “making this soup from Cheburashka is perhaps creative in some way is some kind of experiment, but it is certainly not delicious.”

“Oh, something else came, quiet as the barking from the neighboring village, “the soup of the Cheburashka”. Creative! Well, it’s better than “sour soup and yesterday’s”… Laughing out loud. So – ready! We are the new dish! Fresh! Ingredients are important, only integrity, and experienced people will add to taste and just dispense with the “giblets”,” wrote Zelensky.

He noted that “lured” you need to send in his resignation.

“Decided! New year. Said. Sure. Need. There’s a chance. In a landfill these lured. They let us through.) not noticed. Thought. So we submarine, and they say we have no Navy! I thought another joke, clown!!! Too cocky, so foolish. Fools? Just did not know before, and that means that chances are growing. A bucket of slops. Not ready. The family is not ready! Another bucket, so it’s not me! No excuses is weakness. Another bucket – it makes no smell! Another bucket – I’ll remember You. It is not necessary – it’s a weakness, and for them – money! I agree, I don’t even remember,” said Zelensky.