In Romney a man with gangrene he amputated his leg. She was found and brought to the police

В Ахтырке мужчина с гангреной сам ампутировал себе ногу. Ее нашли и принесли в полицию

On 20 March the police of the city of Okhtyrka, Sumy region asked a local resident, who reported that his dog dragged a human foot, said “Okhtyrka town portal”.

Law enforcement officers began to work for hospitals. As it turned out, “Okhtyrka CRB” received the man of the right leg which was missing, and the part kept on the tendons. According to doctors, the victim was launched gangrene, and limb they were rot due to tissue necrosis. Part otgnivshie foot he threw out on the street. After checking the criminal proceedings the police did not open, as there is no crime.

The doctors explained the situation:

“According to the patient got sick in June 2018 and July 2018 for 9 days was on stationary treatment in a surgical Department of the “Akhtyrskaya CRB”. From the further treatment of the patient categorically refused any more medical help was not sought. The patient developed dry gangrene of the right foot and lower third of the leg.

18 Mar the man with a kitchen knife cut his right foot. Asked for an ambulance and was hospitalized in the surgical Department KU “Akhtyrskaya CRH,” where a survey was conducted of his condition and the prescribed treatment. After treatment the patient’s condition has improved.

On the morning of March 19 from further treatment and the proposed surgical intervention patient refused, I wrote the receipt and left the hospital.”

According to local publications, the patient – a resident of Akhtyrka Volodymyr Tverdokhlib, his unwillingness to stay in hospital, he argues that is not able to pay for the treatment. Doctors say they are willing to treat it due to the hospital.

В Ахтырке мужчина с гангреной сам ампутировал себе ногу. Ее нашли и принесли в полицию