In Rostov Zabijako not going to remove from the streets

The symbol of the 2018 world Cup so very popular not only for hotel guests and residents of the city, but also of the city administration.

В Ростове Забиваку не собираются убирать с улиц

In Rostov on the Board of administration decided they were not going to remove from the streets a symbol of the world Champion-2018 – wolf Zabivka. This was told by Svetlana Kamburova, Director of the Department of Economics.

She said that the symbolism of FIFA on the streets won’t see – can’t use it. But personal Russian character. So while it will not lose its aesthetic appearance, will remain on the main street near the bridge, where there were wolves during the world Cup.

By the way, the author of Zabijaki was made by the artist Ekaterina Bocharova, image rights which bought the international Federation of football associations. Her animal chosen via online voting, which was attended by over a million people.

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