In Russia 8.2% increase in mortality in road accidents

В России на 8,2% выросла смертность в дорожных авариях

In the traffic police of the unusual growth rate and mortality rate in the first quarter associated with an abnormally warm winter in the European part of Russia.

In the first quarter of 2020 in Russia has sharply increased the number of accidents, learned “Газета.Ru”. Every eleventh of the accident led to death. Drivers were more likely to knock down pedestrians and speeding. In the country still die every year as many people, approximately how many breeds in one small Russian city. Among other things, this causes enormous damage to the state’s economy.

In the first quarter of 2020 in Russia, the growth of the basic indicators of breakdown susceptibility in comparison with the same period last year, follows from the statistics of the traffic police at the disposal “Газеты.Ru”. All the streets and roads of the country was 32.5 thousand (+1,5%) accident, they died of 3.34 million (+8,2%) patients and 42 thousand (+0.2 percent) were injured varying degrees of severity.

In traffic police noted that the projected target of social risk in 2020 of the deceased is 10.9 per 100 thousand population.

This index provides a national passport of the project “Safe and high quality roads”. However, not all areas fit into the targets, are recognized in the Department.

“At the end of the first quarter 2020 projected targets were not achieved in 23 regions this difference increased in the number of fatalities was recorded in each of the three months,” – said the traffic police.

In January-March 2020 most emergency day of the week was Friday – it had the highest number of accidents.

And the most dangerous time of day – the period from 17:00 to 20:00 hours. At this time, occurred every fifth accident. All in the dark made 44.1% of all accidents, the highest number of victims (57,1%) falls on this time.

The consequences of road accidents in dark time of day most severe – on average two times in comparison with daytime.

Most in the accidents suffered by the drivers (44.3 per cent), they often die (38,5%), and one in three road fatalities is a pedestrian (32,4%) or passenger vehicle (of 28.0%).

If we talk about the most common causes of road accidents in January-March this year, first place went to a non-priority at roundabouts (5.4 million; -2,6%), followed by violations of the rules of journey of pedestrian crossings (3.7 million; +9.1 per cent), speed mismatch specific driving conditions or in excess of the limit (3.6 thousand; -1,8%), leaving the lane of oncoming traffic (3 million; – an 8.1%).

The greatest number of deaths associated with the exit of cars into the oncoming lane (990 dead; +2.6 percent). No less tragic effect on the statistics of the mismatch of the speed of vehicles specific driving conditions or exceeding speed limits (516; +6.6 percent), and violations of the rules of the location of the vehicle on the roadway (319; +22.7 percent) and violations of the rules of journey of pedestrian crossings (143; +20,2%).

In the traffic police of the unusual growth rate and mortality rate in the first quarter associated with an abnormally warm winter in the European part of Russia, with the lack of a clear transition from one season to another.

For this reason, not all bikers have closed the season, which led to the rise of incidents with their participation to third. The increase in the number of dead pedestrians is also associated with the lack of snow cover is on the decline in daylight it reduced the visibility of people on the road, I believe in the traffic police.

Statistics on victims and affected citizens in Russia has declined steadily for the past 10 years, said the partner of analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT” Igor Morzharetto. He agrees with the findings of the state traffic Inspectorate of the relatively warm winter, which caused growth in the number of accidents.

“Usually in winter time there is quite a large number of citizens, which put the car into storage. They resume driving only after the slush out of the way, before they were called “snowdrops”. Obviously, because of the warm winter, they never ceased to drive here and has been updated with statistics of accidents”, – has assumed in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” auto expert.

For the past 15 years, the government considers road safety a priority objective. This year ends the action for the second Federal target programme “improving road safety”, adopted in 2013, before (2006 and 2012) operated a similar program. The total amount of funds spent from Federal and regional budgets for both the Federal program amounted to RUB 80 billion

Among other measures, both programs provided for the equipment of roads cameras photo and video fixation of traffic violations.

This gave a positive effect, but in no longer necessary to count, considers Morzharetto.

“The limit of the crackdown has been the imposition of additional penalties, multiplication of the cameras of the traffic police will change nothing. Here is to change the fundamental principles – to engage in the culture of driver behavior at school”, – says Morzharetto.

In addition to the tragic and emotional component of the accident and the death of a person are a real damage to the economy of the country, explains automotive expert, avtoyurist Sergei Ivanov. According to him, the accidents mostly killed the able-bodied citizens who make the greatest contribution to the country’s GDP.

“The cost of human life in Russia, as it may sound cynical, were calculated by different scientists, it turned out from 3 million rubles to 170 million rubles. According to various estimates, every year, we lose of 2.5-9% of GDP because of the accidents and deaths,” says Ivanov.

According to experts, the main cause of accidents in Russia is not the bad drivers, and bad roads, and administration. According to him, the Federal highway, through which trucks in Russia are still padded through villages and towns, while in the civilized world have long been used isolated highway. On the rare regional roads and Federal highways present barriers separating the flows.

“But what to say, in the centre of Moscow, on Kutuzovsky prospect officials can not take the liberty to put the barrier on the so-called VIP-zone. Because of this, each month there’s a terrible accident with participation of drivers of the majors,” says avtoyurist.