In Russia, a car without a driver “fined” for speeding

В России автомобиль без водителя "оштрафовали" за превышение скорости

A curious incident occurred in Russia – from Smolensk driver fined for speeding. However, at the time “violations” at the wheel nobody.

How told the portal Roman Lucchino, the car “exceeded” the speed was transported by trailer to the Kuban. However, the camera somehow only saw the UAZ – tractor in her field of vision were not included. However, the traffic police absence of the person in the cockpit does not bother, and the novel has received “the happiness letter” for 500 rubles.

Also the owner is fined machine announced that he wanted to appeal the fine with the help of lawyers, but their services were twice as expensive than the amount of the fine. So Lucchino decided to pay the fine for speeding.