In Russia announced the results of Yanukovych’s Ukraine: the plan revealed

В России объявили о выдаче Януковича Украине: раскрыт план

In Russia broke out ridiculous rumors of the exiled Yanukovych

In fact, the Russians are preparing another provocation in Ukraine – preparation for the next lawlessness of the Russian Federation and wrote stories about what Ukrainians want to kidnap fugitive Yanukovych from Russia.

It turns out that the aggressor came up with a cunning plan new provocations with the use of their special forces. It’s called “Yanukovych in a container” or “Container I”.

Recently a Ukrainian court has sentenced to prison fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych:

“The essence of the plan of the Russians lies in the fact that the implementation of punishment, our special forces are supposedly going to promptly steal it from the territory of a neighboring state.

For theft can be either a RAID on a residence (work, leisure, etc.), or the ambush on the vehicle with the object of kidnapping… This is one of the most difficult stages of the operation, as Russia will immediately include the plan “Interception” and will shake all vehicles in the area. In this regard, stolen or try to take out immediately in any truck, container or the same but after some time, when the wave subsides, and the stolen are no longer actively looking. However, if thieves will take, they just eliminate the object of theft. Most likely, it will be tasked (if is set)”, write the Russian media.

The Kremlin media continue:

“The goal is to attract the attention of their colleagues in the West to justify these actions. After all, such a special operation on the territory of neighboring States is, in fact, a formal reason for war – a casus Belli” (Latin. casus belli – “a cause for war.” The formal reason for the outbreak of war by one state against another)”.

The author of irony:

“Op-PA, so it appears that to date no “casus Belli” Russia has not yet given, so we have a war with them no?.. And even, in their words, “the intentional violation of the territorial waters of Russia our armed ships (even according to Putin himself, they were in the “Russian territorial waters” – for Russia, the reason for war doesn’t count? Well, then arrest the “offenders” is illegal.”

But the incident with the Ukrainian ships there are a few such examples. This illegal detention on the territory of the Russian Ukrainians who are accused of espionage.

“That is quite possible that the Russians are now preparing simply remove former Ukrainian President, blaming our “experts”. The fact that a fugitive may give valuable testimony against Russia in international courts, does not cause any doubts. Therefore, he does not need Russia, and now time itself to get rid of Yanukovych. Moreover, in Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych just got my new “life” and his murder can be blamed on “the sentence””.

В России объявили о выдаче Януковича Украине: раскрыт план

В России объявили о выдаче Януковича Украине: раскрыт план

В России объявили о выдаче Януковича Украине: раскрыт план