In Russia are preparing for early elections. The most important of Telegram channels

В России готовятся к досрочным выборам. Главное из Telegram-каналов

The editorial Board draws the reader’s attention that many popular Telegram-channels are anonymous, and published information is difficult to verify.

The state Duma will dismiss early?

Telegram of the Russian channel “Kremlin Makovec” argues that early elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation will take place in December 2020.

“Regional election commissions have already received guidance from the CEC for their organization. To hold elections next year is not possible: in 2021 it is expected drastic deterioration of socio-economic indicators, in which even massive fraud in favor of United Russia will be useless. Crisis to reverse the situation is impossible – it is simply trying to hold at current levels,” writes the anonymous channel.

The United States to protect the Ukrainian madrepora

Telegram-channel “Resident” with reference to a source in the Office of the President States that the United States insist on the continuation of medical reform in Ukraine.

“Two days ago we had a conversation [Vladimir] Zelensky with representatives of the Embassy of the United States. The President strongly recommended not to cancel the second phase of health reform, if we want to continue to receive international financial assistance,” writes the channel.

The second stage of medical reform, providing for a change of system of financing of hospitals, was launched in Ukraine on 1 April. However, the President Zelensky and the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov argued that the changes supposedly will trigger the closure of more than 300 facilities and laying off more than 50 thousand physicians. Zelensky asked to make changes in the second stage of reform.