In Russia before the October imposed a ban on the import of fuel

В России до октября ввели запрет на импорт топлива

From 2 June to 1 October, Russia introduced a temporary ban on the import of gasoline, diesel fuel, marine fuel.

The prohibition does not apply, in particular, for fuel, transported in transit through Russia or transported by individuals for personal use.

Agencies, if necessary, until June 15, can change the period of validity of prohibition on import of petroleum products in the Russian Federation.

A ban on the import of petroleum products is introduced in Russia for the first time.

It is expected that the solution will support Russian processors: due to the long decline in demand for petroleum products in the world of Russian market of fuel was a premium one, and this created the danger that foreign fuel will flow into the country.

The reason for the premium of the Russian market of fuel – tax component based on selling excise duty on oil from the damper component.

Depreciating oil prices and reduced demand for fuel in the world has led to the fact that Russian oil companies are forced to pay to the budget the excise duty back and damper. Because of this, domestic oil products become more expensive overseas, and the Russian market is a profitable for imported fuel.

The energy Ministry stressed that the ban on the import of petroleum products intended to prevent glut in the domestic market and the closure of domestic refineries amid a sharp decline in demand for fuel.