In Russia buried the boxer Dadasheva, who tragically died: photo & video

В России похоронили боксера Дадашева, который трагически умер: фото и видео

In St. Petersburg on Sunday, 4th August, took place the ceremony of farewell with Maxim by Dadasheva. Boxer tragically died after a duel against Zabiela Mathias.

Farewell ceremony with Maxim was held in the morgue of the Nikolaev hospital of Peterhof. It was attended by about 200 people.

Among the people who came to say goodbye and Dadasheva, – his relatives, friends and fans of the boxer.

Dadashev was buried according to Muslim rites at the city cemetery in Peterhof.

What is known about the death of Maxim Dadasheva

Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev had died in the US as a result of injuries sustained during the battle, held in the night of July 20. In the 11th round of his fight with the Puerto Rican Cabriales Matthias Russians missed a powerful blow to the left, but barely stand on my feet.

Mathias went to kill the opponent, but to knock him out failed, because the angle the Russians stopped the fight. After the meeting, the boxer became ill and was urgently hospitalized.

Doctors were able to correct bleeding and to reduce swelling. Dadashev was put in a medically induced coma. During the operation, the Maxim had removed part of the skull. 23 Jul Maxim Dadashev died. According to TASS, the boxer could not stand the heart.

Maxim Dadashev – 28-year-old Russian boxer. On a professional ring has spent 14 matches. 13 matches Dadashov won (11 by knockout). 14th match was against Matthias, which he lost.

Amateur career he won silver (2013) and two-time bronze medalist (2010, 2012) of the Championships of Russia. Dadashev was a member of the European games 2015. Master of sports of Russia international class.