In Russia buyers of supermarket has committed “theft of the century”: a video of the incident

In the Russian city of Kungur (Perm region) from the gaming machine in a supermarket was kidnapped 43 soft toys.

The actions of the thieves was captured by the surveillance camera.

The operator of the gaming machine installed in the foyer of a local supermarket, went to the police to find broken glass apparatus and the loss of 43 of soft toys. The sum of the caused damage made more than 8 thousand rubles.

Having studied the recording surveillance camera, the police identified the personality of thieves and another defendant in the case, which is subject to administrative liability for damage to property and petty theft.

As seen on obnarodovany network personnel, a young man in an alcohol intoxication tried to get the toy with the paddle. Because of the failure, he got angry, smashed the glass of the machine with his fist, much cut at the same hand, then took the coveted toy and left.