In Russia died in the hospital the daughter of the arrested oppositionist. The mother was not allowed to the child

В России умерла в больнице дочь арестованной оппозиционерки. Мать не пускали к ребенку

17-year-old eldest daughter of a member of the Federal Council, the opposition organization “Open Russia” Anastasia Shevchenko died Thursday, January 31, 2019, while the mother was not released from house arrest. And when released, the doctors forbade the woman entrance to the intensive care unit

In addition to the demonstrative cruelty of Putin’s punitive system, this case is special by the fact that Shevchenko was the first in Russia were arrested under article 281.1 (“cooperation with junk organization”), reports Snob. ru.

Now the Russian Ministry of justice considers “undesirable” 15 organizations.

According to human rights activist Pauline Nemirovsky, “Open Russia” became “undesirable” three days before the event, 29 April, 2017 under the title “Tired” against Putin’s re-election for another term.

Now Shevchenko faces a fine in the amount of 5-15 thousand rubles, but if it will continue to attract to administrative responsibility according to that article, we will focus on the criminal offense with imprisonment for 2-6 years. Shevchenko was detained on 21 January after a search at her home in Rostov-on-don. On 29 January the Rostov regional court left in force the decision on house arrest of the activist Anastasia Shevchenko, despite the arguments of the defence that she needed to drive children to school and to visit 17-year-old handicapped daughter in another city. At the meeting of the Shevchenko also told the court that her daughter was put in the hospital, adding that “with her diagnosis any sore may be the last”. To see my daughter, she was allowed only 30 Jan.