In Russia, during the parade paleobase burned the latest APC (VIDEO)

В России прямо во время парада победобесия сгорел новейший БТР (ВИДЕО)

Wednesday, June 24, the Russian terrorists again choked with pobedobesie and held postponed for a month a parade dedicated to the seeming triumph of the Scoop non-existent in the great Patriotic war.

In the course of pathetic rides the best military equipment, which is only found in Russia, the red square drove the latest development of the defense of the aggressor.

In addition to “unparalleled” BMP “Derivation-defense”, BMP “Kurganets”, T-14 and other equipment, which the Russians had spent billions, the audience showed an armored vehicle “boomerang”. But something went wrong.

The APC, which called the main feature of the victory parade just lit up. In front of thousands of fans pathologic the red army, at the entrance to direct the epicenter of paleobase from Betera the smoke.

The main feature of the “Victory parade” in Moscow – burned “newest which has no analogues” BTR “boomerang” – Lviv underground (@natohawks) June 24, 2020

In the end, the broken machine, which a week ago only was tested and supposedly “successfully coped with tests”, somehow held on to the old and rescued from a bunker of an old dictator.

In General, no Russian had no “Boomerangs”, there are only a smokescreen for imaginary pride pathology and drunken Ivanov imposed on Russian TV.