In Russia experienced a “new Kalashnikov”

В России испытали "новый Калашников"

For the base took mass-produced submachine gun “Vityaz-SN”. The developers took into account comments identified by the release of this model.

In Russia ended the state tests of the weapon, Kalashnikov machine gun, developed in the framework of development work Vityaz-MO. About it on Wednesday, July 22, according to a group of companies Kalashnikov.

“The interdepartmental Commission recognized the product suitable for mass production and recommended to assign the name “9 mm submachine gun of Kalashnikov PPK-20″” – the press-service of the company.

As noted, the product has improved the ergonomics of the weapon and the attached equipment. In addition, the increased its reliability, its membership included low noise firing device.

The composition of the SPCS-20 includes a strap with one-point and two-point fixation. Carrying shopping, fixing devices, devices low noise firing, adaptor, clips and gun oilers of the introduced bag of material with the digital masking color.