In Russia, for drivers drones will introduce a special right

В России для водителей беспилотников введут специальные права

Driver-operator will be obliged to have Russian law, and a document confirming the right to control an Autonomous vehicle.

The authorities of Tatarstan have developed the first in Russia the law of unmanned vehicles. According to “Kommersant”, at the moment this document has already been supported by the Committee of the state Council on economy, investments and entrepreneurship. In the near future the bill should be considered by the deputies of the state Duma.

As stated in the document, the draft law required for admission to public roads Autonomous vehicles fifth level. These machines are able to drive on roads without driver intervention. However, in the first stages, the operator still needs is in this car.

The document States that the driver-operator obliged to have Russian law, and a document confirming the right to control an Autonomous vehicle. The drone needs to be insured in case of an accident and protected from hacking. All details about the trip are invited to record with the help of special devices.

After completion of the test, the necessary changes will be made to the law on OSAGO. The authors of the document insist on the adaptation of road markings, signs and other infrastructure for Autonomous vehicles.

Informed about upcoming changes in the rules of the road in connection with the emergence of unmanned vehicles, said the Vice-President of technology of the NP “GLONASS” Evgeny Belyanko. He said that innovations should be expected by 2022, when Russia will end a legal experiment in the field of unmanned vehicles, approved by the government at the end of 2018. Thus, “Yandex” by 2022, plans to introduce the public roads in Russia about 1000 unmanned vehicles. The company explained that such a measure is necessary to reduce the time to research unmanned technology.

At the moment the Moscow ring road (MKAD) and the Third transport ring (TTR) are the main thoroughfares for testing driverless cars in the capital. In addition, testing machines and in residential areas Yasenevo, Butovo and Kommunarka. At this point in the tests involved 96 Autonomous machines “Yandex” and one drone of the Moscow road Institute (MADI).

In a driverless car during testing, be sure to present the driver who at any moment can take control of the vehicle itself. All unmanned vehicles participating in the tests, are marked with a special sign “A”.

Unmanned vehicles “Yandex” is equipped with an unmanned system of the fourth level. This means that the vehicle can move autonomously – without the help of the driver. In the electric car space is guided by a sophisticated set of lasers, ultrasonic sensors, radar and cameras.