In Russia new submarine was named after the Prince of Kiev

В РФ новую подводную лодку назвали именем киевского князя

New rocket underwater cruiser of strategic appointment “Prince Vladimir” on 12 June formally handed over to the Navy of Russia, reported the press service of the Ministry of defense.

The submarine named in honor of the Kiev Prince Vladimir, Baptist of Russia. The handover ceremony of the ship and the flag-raising took place in Severodvinsk.

“Prince Vladimir” should be the lead ship of the improved project 955A nuclear submarines of the fourth generation. According to the naval doctrine of the Russian Federation, in the future submarines of this project will form the basis of naval strategic nuclear forces of Russia. It is planned that the Russian Navy will adopt a series of eight such nuclear submarines.

The cruiser is equipped with a solid-fuel ballistic missile Bulava, which can carry multiple hypersonic nuclear blocks. Test launch of “Bulava” was made October 29, 2019 from the White sea to the Kura range on the Kamchatka Peninsula, told the Navy command of Russia.

Implementation of the project “Borey” launched shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was long delayed because of lack of funding, and testing missile “Bulava” several times and failed, noted, “Voice of America”.

The Kremlin in recent years has repeatedly made it clear that you think of Prince Volodymyr the spiritual founder of the Russian state, and the successor of Kievan Rus ‘ do not see the Ukraine and Russia.