In Russia passed the first test printed on a 3D printer aircraft engine

В России прошли первые испытания напечатанного на 3D-принтере авиадвигателя

The project of creation of the Russian aircraft engine by method of 3D printing started in 2015. After 5 years, conducted the first flight test, which confirmed the high efficiency of the design. The developers claim that the engine is much superior to their foreign counterparts as the main characteristics and the cost of key components.

The first flight test of the gas turbine unit MGTD-20 was held on 21 July 2020 in Tatarstan. The power plant received 22 kg thrust and developed under a joint project of the advanced research Foundation and the Federal state unitary enterprise “VIAM” SSC RF. The tests were performed on the basis of the flying laboratory a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle A30 development of JSC NPO “OKB them. M. P. Simonov”.

The wingspan of the drone is 3 meters, and the total mass – 40 kg, considering the weight of the payload, which may not exceed 10 kg During the first flight, the autopilot brought the aircraft to a height of 170 metres and passed through the specified waypoints at speeds up to 154 kilometers per hour. It is reported that the maximum engine speed reached 101 600 rpm, the workers – 58 000 rpm. After all tasks are complete, the plane landed without incident.

Engineers claim that used when creating the engine, the alloy strength characteristics superior to their foreign counterparts by more than 20%. There have been 20 times to reduce the time of manufacture of the main subassemblies and the cost of production reduced in 2 times. At the moment, manufactured and tested a full line of perspective small gas turbine engines in the class pull 10, 20, 125 and 150 kgf. Serial production is planned for 2021-2022 years.

В России прошли первые испытания напечатанного на 3D-принтере авиадвигателя