In Russia, the activist will be punished, because Putin has called a bad word

В России активиста накажут, потому что назвал Путина плохим словом

In Russia, for contempt of authority fined the activist, after the publication of the social network of statements about the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin. Now, the Russians will have to pay a considerable amount.

Russia, the court found the activist Igor gorlanova guilty of contempt, he is Gorlanov reported in the Telegram, reports UNIAN.

The case against gorlanova broke after repost it publication, where it was written, the phrase “Putin – fabulous *******”. Now the Russians have to pay a fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

The activist’s lawyers want to appeal the decision on the penalty. According to gorlanova, the court refused to recognize the President of Russia and the victim is not satisfied the request for his subpoena.

Why to punish for contempt of authority in Russia is now illegal??

In Russia now the Internet will block those materials which offend society, state symbols and government institutions of Russia. When the Internet of such materials, the Prosecutor General or his deputies will appeal to the “Roskomnadzor”. They will require to lock a resource until the information is removed.

After the discovery of fake news on the Internet “Roskomnadzor” to immediately block the sites that distribute them. The online edition will be provided?? the ability to “immediately” remove the news. Traditional media, this prohibition will not apply. In addition, the state Duma has also introduced penalties for insulting the state symbols and institutions.

Cases of punishment for “insulting the authorities” in Russia there is not the first time. So, in April the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia demanded that a number of news sites to remove the material from a photograph of an inscription “Putin is PI**R”, which has left the interior Ministry building in the Russian city of Yaroslavl. Subsequently, the local court and fined a local resident who has published in Facebook a picture of this graffiti.