In Russia, the administration has opened a criminal case for a rally in support of Crimean Tatar prisoners

В РФ на активиста открыли уголовное дело за пикет в поддержку крымскотатарских узников

Against the St. Petersburg activist Uladzimir shipitsyna opened a criminal case for a picket to support Crimean Tatars, according to “Agit Russia”. Shipitsynu charged with article 318 of the criminal code (use of violence against a representative of authorities). The sanction of part 1 of this article up to 5 years.

Saturday Shipitsina and five of the activists with use of force detained in Gatchina stock “Strategy 18”. The Shipitsyn was standing with a poster in support of the prisoners “Hizb ut-Tahrir” and was holding the Ukrainian flag. During the arrest, he fell, and a plastic flag pole during the fall, knocked off a policeman’s cap, said, “Mediazone” lawyer Anton Panov. According to him, the activist “charged that he was a plastic tube from the flag hit the police officer on the head”.

“The policeman-the driver of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Gatchina V. S. Babarin complained that the shaft of the flag, touched his hat during the arrest, brought him unbearable suffering”, – reported in the St. Petersburg public activists.

On shipitsyna during detention handcuffed. It was held overnight in the detention center, on Sunday he should be interviewed in a criminal case.