In Russia, the car started to put police markings

В России на автомобили начали наносить полицейскую маркировку

In Russia of cars whose VIN codes were broken hijackers or suffered from corrosion, began to apply the additional marking.

In Russia, the car began to inflict additional (police) markings. About it the correspondent was told in traffic police of Russia. The Department explained that such a label is applied to cars whose VIN codes were broken hijackers or suffered from corrosion. The new regulation entered into force on 1 January 2019.

For the first time marking was put on a stolen vehicle that was returned to the owner with a broken identification symbols. After the necessary examinations, it was decided by the extra markings. The work was carried out by one of the companies-manufacturers of vehicles, located in Balashikha, Moscow region.

“The state traffic Inspectorate of MIA of Russia draws the attention of vehicle owners who intend to use the service for applying additional marking that, in assessing the proposals of the organizations in providing such services should ensure they have appropriate authority”, – told the Agency.

The traffic police said that to check out your organization through the registry on the official website of the Ministry of industry and trade. According to forecasts of the Ministry, soon these companies will be more. Duplicate markings at his own expense of the vehicle owner. The exact cost of the service is appointed by the company executing these works. Police markings a mirror factory. Similar practice is already applied in Belarus and the Netherlands.

“The application of additional markings will clearly identify the vehicle in respect of which was previously determined signs of changes that provide an exception to the need for repeated studies and unnecessary time-consuming citizens”, – said the traffic police.