In Russia, the former requires the investigator to make a case against Stalin: I Want in Ukraine was confirmed by his crime

В России бывший следователь требует завести дело против Сталина: Хочу, чтобы как в Украине было подтверждено его преступление

In Russia, a former investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Stepanov requires investigators of a criminal case against Josef Stalin.

Stepanov is trying to achieve a legal assessment of mass executions and references carried out by order of the NKVD No. 00447 of 30 July 1937, signed by Stalin.

The document gives specific numbers to shoot 82,7 thousand people and another 193,4 thousand people to send to camps.

Thus, said in a statement filed to the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee of Russia, Stepanov, Stalin should be considered the “organizer of mass murder, i.e. genocide of Orthodox priests and other citizens.” Arrested were relatives of Stepanov – about 20 people, mostly priests.

It is noted that the TFR of the Russian Federation sent a statement to the GSU SKR across Moscow, and more news from there was not. And the Prosecutor General’s office somehow sent a statement to the Ivanovo region.

Investigators Ivanovo investigation Department of the TFR declined to accept the application and conduct a procedural check, explaining that the former colleague said “specific information about circumstances indicating signs of a crime” in the actions of Stalin.

Stepanov appealed against the refusal of the regional Prosecutor’s office, supervising the work of investigators. But Deputy Prosecutor Yevgeny Romanovsky found no violations.

Mr. Stepanov appealed this answer, having referred already to the constitutional court which in its decision of 25 June this year pointed out the illegality of the refusal to accept statements without procedural checks. He stressed that he is ready to reach the European court of human rights, and its purpose is not itself a criminal case, a formal legal assessment.

As you know, in Ukraine in 2010, the decision of the court of Joseph Stalin and some Soviet leaders were found guilty of the organization in 1932-1933 famine-genocide.

“I want, as in Ukraine, confirmed the crimes of Stalin,” – said Stepanov.

Reporters interviewed experts referred to the requirement Stepanova “innovation”, because in Russia the criminal acts of Stalin officially condemned.

Earlier, Russian police detained a man at the rally in memory at the grave of Stalin. He shouted “rot in hell, the executioner of the people”.