In Russia, the hackers broke into the server of a contractor of the FSB and has passed information to journalists

В России хакеры взломали сервер подрядчика ФСБ и передали информацию журналистам

The largest data breach on the work of the intelligence services in the Internet have happened in Russia. Hackers broke into the server of a major contractor of the Russian intelligence services and agencies, and then shared with reporters descriptions of dozens of non-public projects in the Internet: from deanonimizatsii users browser Tor to study the vulnerability of torrents.

The burglary occurred July 13, 2019. Instead of the home page Moscow IT company, Scitech appeared the image of faces with a wide smug smile and narrowed eyes (on the Internet slang “yoba-face”).

DeFeis, that is, replacing the home page is a common tactic of hackers and a demonstration that they were able to access the data of the victim.

The hackers who stole 7.5 terabytes of data of the Federal security service of Russia, cracking the servers of the contractor security services sent information to journalists.

The stolen data relate to secret projects deanonimizatsiya of users of Tor (a browser that allows you to remain incognito on the Internet), information from social media and the separation of the Internet in Russia from the global network.

Hackers handed over information for dissemination to the group of Digital Revolution, which is known for previous hacking attempts attacks on the FSB. Also the data has received some major media of Russia.

Were also announced the names of secret projects: “Arion”, “Hope”, “Relationship”, “Torque”, and also the names of some of the company’s employees, but the FSB file has not been made public.

Tellingly, the FSB was in a situation that often created for those who strongly interested in. And found that it’s quite unpleasant.