In Russia, the spring bloom started earlier and provoked the allergic

В России весеннее цветение началось раньше и спровоцировало аллергию

The sale of funds from allergies increased by 20% and amounted to 2 million units.

The spring bloom caused an allergic reaction in Russia. In April be bought antihistamines increased by 20%. In 2018, the pollen season started later than this year, so buy tools from allergies have become more 9% Also experts say that even a year earlier, sales had been in decline.

Allergists say that allergies suffer 40% of the population on Earth. Usually it manifests itself in sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes.

In April and began flowering walnut, alder, poplar, ash, willow. In may will begin to bloom birch and maple.

For prevention every day it is necessary to do wet cleaning at home. It is better not to open Windows during this period, to limit the presence on the nature. It is recommended to stick to hypoallergenic diets, to take antihistamines short and long validity, do not forget to wash the nose out with saline.Also allergists recommend wearing sunglasses, to not have developed conjunctivitis.