In Russia there are electric motorcycles manual Assembly

В РФ появились электрические мотоциклы ручной сборки

The main feature of this bikes is in their structure. Custom parallelogramma fork, having changed the angle of inclination gives the possibility of turning the bike from urban Roadster chopper by changing their size and the distance between the axes.

From Hades Curtiss motor performance 89 HP (162 Nm). Electric bike can travel on a single charge up to 160 km in the city and 100 km on the highway. To charge the battery to 100% from a household outlet, you will need 3 and a half hours.

In addition, the range of the Curtiss in the Russian Federation will enter the debut model bike with engine. Each bike will get an exclusive number that is engrave on the tank.

To place an order for the motorcycle with the internal combustion engine, which will deliver a month later, there is a possibility now, leaving the application on the web portal of the company. Regarding elektroversiya, in the current time period of the American brand have already collected 20 pre-orders. Debut electric bikes will come to Russia in September of this year.