In Russia was marked by a cynical statement about the Ukrainian trace in Venezuela

В России отметились циничным заявлением об украинском следе в Венесуэле

In the Russian Federation stated that aircrafts of the Ukrainian enterprise “Antonov” United States of America is going to be involved in the supply of large quantities of weapons to Venezuela. It seems to be just such a package with Ukraine, the US is going to send the country humanitarian aid instead.

Weapons allegedly want to address the opposition forces in Venezuela. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, reports “Interfax”.

So, according to her, Russia allegedly there is evidence that companies in the US and their NATO allies are considering the question of purchase “in one of the Eastern European countries” large quantities of weapons and ammunition for their further transfer to opposition forces of Venezuela”.

Zakharova noted that we are talking about samples and analogues of large-caliber machine guns, under-barrel and automatic grenade launchers, missiles, ammunition to small arms and artillery weapons for various purposes.

“The delivery of goods to Venezuela is planned for the beginning of March, several parties through the territory of neighboring countries with the involvement of transport aircraft International forwarding company”, – said the representative of the Russian depodesta.

In addition, she noted: in this story there is a “Ukrainian trail”.

In particular, as we understand it, will be raised by the state enterprise “Antonov”,

Zakharova said.

Zakharov believes that “the US administration of deliberately exacerbating the whole situation” in Venezuela. According to her, under the guise of delivering humanitarian aid, scheduled for February 23, tightening the US to the borders of Venezuela sparsely and equipment.

What is known about the state enterprise “Antonov”?

Is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing concern that designs and certifies aircraft. Included in the state concern “Ukroboronprom”. Throughout its history, the company has developed and released into the sky about 30 “Antonov aircraft”. In particular, the pride of the company can be called Antonov an-225 Mriya (the largest, most severe and most lifting aircraft in the world ever built).

Note that this is not the first attempt of Russia to accuse the Ukrainian enterprise in the secret conspiracies or in the supply of parts for weapons. So, in 2017, because of the provocation of the Russian security services Ukrainian factory “Pivdenmash” was accused of selling rocket engines in North Korea. Ukraine has denied this information.

What’s happening in Venezuela?

– Thousands of people 23 January 2019 came out to protest, demanding the overthrow of the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

– Opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself “interim President” of the country.

Dictator Maduro was supported by the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

– Ukrainian law enforcement authorities confirmed 24 channel that the rescue Maduro arrived mercenaries “Wagner”, in Russia deny everything.

During protests and clashes with police have killed at least 40 people were detained about 900 activists, among them 80 children.

– February 3, trump said about the possibility of military intervention in Venezuela.

– February 4 Chapter Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Lithuania, the UK and Ukraine stated that they recognize Juan, Guido interim constitutional President of Venezuela, as the ultimatum of early elections was not made Maduro.

– Subsequently, a number of countries have sent humanitarian aid to the country, but the dictator Maduro closed the borders of Venezuela.

– Maduro has said it is ready to meet with trump to resolve the conflict.

– 21 Feb Maduro closed the border of Venezuela with Brazil.

To what state has brought Venezuela Maduro?

Six years Maduro in power of the national currency, the Bolivar devalued rapidly: at the end of 2018 the inflation rate has reached 1 million 300 thousand per cent. Venezuelans are suffering from lack of food: in the peripheral areas of the country, the poor are forced to eat cats, dogs and rats. It left the country almost three million citizens, more than 10% of the total population.

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В России отметились циничным заявлением об украинском следе в Венесуэле