In Russia will hold the largest military exercises since the Cold war “East-2018” – how did you react to NATO

У РФ проведуть найбільші військові навчання з часів Холодної війни "Схід-2018" – як відреагували в НАТО


Russian military exercises should go from 11 to 15 September with the participation of about 300 thousand soldiers

NATO officials intend to monitor the conduct of the largest in the last 37 years of military exercises Vostok-2018 armed forces of Russia. In comments to Reuters a spokesman of the Alliance Dylan white said that Russia was informed about the planned maneuvers in may and that NATO observers are going to monitor their implementation. About this informs “New time”.

According to white, Russia invited military attaches of the NATO countries to monitor military exercises. The proposal, he said, is on the agenda.

“All countries have the right to conduct exercises of their armed forces, but it is important that they are implemented transparently and predictably,” said white.

A NATO spokesman added that the military maneuvers East demonstrating the focus of Russia on working out of large-scale conflict. “This fits into the pattern that we observed for some time: more self-confident Russia, which increases the defense budget and military presence,” added white.

The maneuvers will be held from 11 to 15 September in almost all ranges of the Central and Eastern military districts. Participation should take about 300 thousand soldiers and about 36 thousand units of ground equipment, more than a thousand helicopters, planes and drones.