In Russia will start to monitor the movement of all vehicles

В России начнут следить за перемещениями всех автомобилей

In Russia will launch the unified data center, which will flock to logistics data. The system will be able to track the movement of all vehicles, to store this information, analyze and sell.

The project “Diabetes” tracking of all cars traveling on the country, implements the intergovernmental working group of the Scientific and technical Institute “Avtonet” NP “GLONASS” and the Ministry of industry and trade.

Modern cars now able to collect data about the movements, mode of driving, even on the well-being of the driver, however, this information remains closed. With the help of legal regulation, the authors of the project want to encourage manufacturers to share these data, sending them in a single data center. Some information will be available through the service ERA-GLONASS, tachograph, system Platon, which is already on many cars. In the future, the data obtained are planning to sell to insurers, banks, dealers. Market the vehicle movement is estimated at a huge sum of about three hundred million dollars in 2030, when the project must earn in full force, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.