In Russia withdraw Bentley cars

В России отзывают автомобили Bentley

In Russia announced the recall of cars Bentley. As reported in Rosstandart, unscheduled repairs will go Continental and the Mulsanne for a total of 207 vehicles.

In particular, 111 Bentley Continental implemented in 2018, need firmware update for a bug that could cause disabling of power steering, that in some specific driving situations can lead to increased risk of accidents. The function of the power steering completely restored if you disable and re-enable the ignition.

96 Bentley Muslanne implemented from 2012 to 2018, will go to the service because of a safety-belt anchorages that may not meet the load requirements if both of the busy Central and at least one of the outboard rear seats. In the event of an accident, the belt latch, the rear seats can break away from the power of bodywork.

In the first case, you will update the software of the control unit the power steering and the second replacement mounts rear seat belts upgraded to ensure the required reliability of fastening. All work will be performed free of charge.

About the need of repair the owners will inform authorized representatives of manufacturers, OOO “Volkswagen group Rus”. As always, owners can check the VIN with the attached list (Mulsanne, Continental) and, if a match is made, contact the nearest authorized dealership.