In sale there are quite rare G-Class

В продаже появился довольно редкий G-Class

Modern G-Class is produced at the company Steyr-Daimler-Puch in Graz in Austria. But until 1999, the SUV was produced at this enterprise as with emblems, Mercedes-Benz and Puch. The number of the latter is limited to approximately 10% of the total production volume.

Appeared in the sale of cars are one of those, and it is part of a rare collection 500 GE – a total of 3 similar SUV got a Puch nameplate. This instance is in the hue of Metallic Amethystblau was designed in order to carry out journalistic test drives, so he had to be lighted on a large number of covers of car magazines of the 90-ies.

The machine is equipped with heated front seats, cruise control and sunroof with electric drive. SUV weight 2370 kg is equipped with a power unit М177 volume of 5.0 liters capacity of 237 HP, It can accelerate to first “hundred” in 10.5 seconds and the maximum speed to 175 km/h.

Puch 500 GE did it in all the time 162 992 km. As a bonus its future owner will receive a set of documentation that confirms its origin. Auction scheduled for the second half of June.