In SAP replied Venediktova on accusations of inactivity

В САП ответили Венедиктовой на обвинения в бездеятельности

The attorney General has the right to give instructions to prosecutors SAP to implement their powers.

The General Prosecutor and his deputies do not have the right to instruct the employee of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and to carry out actions connected with the implementation of the prosecutors powers.

This is stated in an open letter to prosecutors SAP, published in response to the statement of the public Prosecutor Irina Venediktova their inaction.

“Therefore, it is not clear what powers are used the Prosecutor General to check the status of the organization of pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings, investigated by the NEB, and what rules of law allow you to evaluate such production”, – noted in the pad.

“We strongly disagree with the statement of the Prosecutor General about our inaction, lack of progress, and accusations of violation of reasonable time in criminal proceedings”, – the document says.

The Ministry said that criminal proceedings in which, as pointed out by Venediktov it was reported about suspicion 2-4 years ago, and the investigation is not completed, “they got in the inheritance from the pre-reform of the Prosecutor General”. Therefore, according to SAP, you must ask the prosecutors who work in the office of the attorney General why these things haven’t been transferred to the court.

The open letter also refuted the statements of the Prosecutor General regarding the shortcomings in the implementation of the procedural management of SAP prosecutors in a number of industries.

At the same time, prosecutors SAP asked the attorney General to help them meet the obligation to make in eRDR information about the Commission people’s Deputy of the criminal offense which has caused the state millions of dollars.

The prosecutors say that relevant material was sent three months ago.

Also ask SAP to create an international investigation team to investigate the facts of illegal movement across the border of counterfeit tobacco products and their further implementation on the territory of the EU, in what allegedly was previously denied in spite of the petition of the representatives of Romania and Italy through Eurojust and NABOO.