In Sarajevo caught the organizers of the “closed” parties

В Сараево ловят устроителей "закрытых" вечеринок

In spite of the prohibitions of the authorities in the bars and restaurants of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to throw parties. This was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo Ysmir Yusko, according to the Bosnian portal Klix.

“We have information about the parties organized behind closed doors in bars and restaurants. And we have already taken certain measures for this reason. These prohibited parties may become new foci of the disease”, – said the head of the Sarajevo police and urged citizens to keep the orders of the authorities.

At the conference of the headquarters of the civil protection Yusko said that over the weekend, police inspected the most exposed places of public resort and saw that the number of their visitors decreased by 80%. But in certain places marked lines and concentrations of pensioners who do not observe the safe distance while chatting.