In Saransk successfully solve the problem of recycling waste tires

В Саранске успешно решают проблему утилизации отработанных покрышек

Environmental issues rise up in modern society quite often. Garbage, waste, illegal dumping and many other things cause concern for human health. In the Republic of Mordovia is actively working on the elimination of dumps. And recently, activists of the regional branch of the Public people’s Front has raised another important question – the disposal of old tires, according to “Izvestia Mordovia”. To do this, the social worker visited only in Mordovia, the company, which is engaged in the disposal and recycling of tires.

Tires that have become unusable, belong to the fourth class of danger. The laws impose serious liability for illegal disposal, dumping and placing of waste. While improper tire and bring significant harm to the natural environment. So they are fully decomposed, you may need 120 to 140 years. And burning rubber still significantly poisons the air. That is why car tires are subject to disposal only in enterprises and technology-oriented.

The problem with the disposal of tires in Russia is quite acute. Unlike European countries, we don’t have many businesses involved in this, but in a relatively small Mordovia such production exists. It is located in the capital region, the city of Saransk on Remzavod. In the workshop, where recycled old tyres are produced relatively useful things. So, from unnecessary tire output is rubber crumb, which is later used for artificial grass for football fields, running tracks and even a safe covering for children’s playgrounds. Another product obtained in this way, and rubber dust. It is used in road construction, namely, to add to the asphalt surface. This fabric is more elastic, it appears smaller cracks and it is longer. However, in Russia such technologies are used very rarely, mostly in the southern regions. And all because of a quite high price of this pleasure.

At Saransk enterprise for recycling tyres are used the most widespread technology: grinding in special units. In this process, it turns out the metal chips, textile and metal cords.

Recycling of tires – a fairly laborious process. Wheels first examined for spikes and other inserts which can damage the equipment. Then the tires are cut into small pieces, removed the wire and then they are fed to the shredder. Then another machine makes the material to the desired size, removed the cloth and remains of iron.

Saranskoe company is engaged in processing of tires for about seven years. During this time, many stakeholders have had time to adjust and get used to unfamiliar to many people production. According to the Director of the enterprise, is now the main suppliers of tyres, and that the majority of local garages in the accumulation of a decent number of wheels themselves bring them in for recycling. It is assumed they have old tyres absolutely for free. But sometimes the employees themselves have to travel for raw materials.

“Problems almost never arise. A critical need in the tires either. We have almost all of them caved in. In winter it is sometimes a disadvantage, and in the summer – full, – says the head of the enterprise Evgeny Chaika. – Mostly recycled tires from trucks. One of them is a sufficient quantity of raw material at the outlet. With cars more difficult. Costs the same, and crumbs almost not to obtain. But nowhere to go, and work with them. By the way, in recent times, to throw old tires become much less”.

Not all of the tires going to crumb left wire and fabric. But they are not buried somewhere in the backyard. Metal taken and sent to the smelter, textiles as well takes on a new life. “Textiles is sent to Kazan, to the refinery, – said Evgeny Chaika. – Doing the bags, which are used for spill response, or something like that. We don’t know these technologies and subtleties”.

From the point of view of environmental problems such processing also creates. On assurances of the head of the organization that issues the Supervisory authorities does not arise. However, there were also incidents. “The Old New year, people traditionally burn old things, some, as before, burning wheel. When the tenants of houses sometimes complain about us. Harness others, and checking up on us” – with a smile said Eugene Chaika.

The company products are in great demand. Soft coating on the playgrounds appears not only in Mordovia. Products are exported to other regions and cities. In this list, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, Nizhny Tagil. Blame the price: consumers cheaper to bring coverage of Mordovia, than to buy from local producers. A special page in the history of the Mordovian enterprise was the order for the tile to cover the three playgrounds in the Crimea.

В Саранске успешно решают проблему утилизации отработанных покрышек

В Саранске успешно решают проблему утилизации отработанных покрышек

В Саранске успешно решают проблему утилизации отработанных покрышек

В Саранске успешно решают проблему утилизации отработанных покрышек