In Savchenko-Ruban, the court granted the defense about the recusal of judges

В деле Савченко-Рубана суд удовлетворил требование защиты об отводе судей

The decision on the withdrawal of the jury was accepted at the second attempt.

The panel of judges of the Chernihiv district court in Chernihiv region has satisfied the statement of the defense about the recusal of judges in the case of the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko and former head of the Central release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban.

The corresponding decision the court took on Thursday, February 14, at a preliminary hearing in the case Savchenko and Ruban, reports UKRINFORM.

“The defenders… on the withdrawal of the panel of judges in the composition of Dmitry Krivoruchenko, Svitlana Mayboroda and Larisa Khomenko to satisfy and appeal to the court of appeal Chernihiv region…”, – announced the decision of the presiding judge, Krivoruchenko.

One of the lawyers Savchenko Dmitry Laufman explained to journalists that now the Chernihiv district court should transfer the case to the Chernihiv court of appeal to determine jurisdiction.

“If such a court on the territory of Chernihiv region there, the appellate court shall send the materials to the Supreme court, that he has redefined the territorial jurisdiction of this case,” said the defender.

The decision on the withdrawal of the jury was accepted at the second attempt. First, such a request was made by the lawyer Savchenko Anatoly Gagiev, but the court denied his request. Then the defence lawyers asked to review the documents regarding the automatic distribution of the criminal case, which they have not seen, and, having examined them, declared the violation of the procedure and the necessity of removing the court.

According to lawyers, the violation lies in the fact that in the distribution of cases in Chernihiv district court had not complied with the principle of probability. In particular, the system was chosen by three judges from the three available that have access to work with documents containing state secrets. And when it turned out that on the day of distribution of the third judge is on a business trip, the Board is already in manual mode was included, the judge of such permit – Svetlana Marennikova.

In the beginning of the hearing, the judge Marennikova recused himself. Later he was appointed Larisa Khomenko, which has access to state secrets.

At the same time, the legality of allocation of the case questioned all the lawyers representing Savchenko and Ruban.