In search of the girls threw all their forces, local residents, volunteers, investigators and even divers

На поиски девочки бросили все свои силы местные жители, волонтеры, следователи и даже водолазы

In the Russian village Panikovets Lipetsk region religious parents staged the kidnapping of her daughter, so she did not go to school.

The father of 8-year-old girl with a priest secretly moved the daughter to Moscow, so that she did not receive “secular education,” writes

The mother reported her missing daughter to the school Director when she came to know why the girl did not come on line September 2nd.

In search of the girls threw all their forces, the volunteers, the locals, the divers and investigators. For two days, they combed the village, but then the child’s mother checked on a polygraph, and she confessed to everything. The woman told that the girl is in the suburban town of Shchyolkovo.

Interestingly, the birth certificate of the daughter of my parents had, they were not to make it, and only a DNA test were able to confirm their relationship. It is also unclear how the girl was enrolled in the first grade.

The girl’s mother was fined for 2 thousand rubles, and during the test, the child’s mother was issued a temporary registration, she also agreed to give the daughter to school. The birth certificate they have to issue through the courts.