In Serbia declared a natural disaster

В Сербии объявили режим стихийного бедствия

The decision was made on 6 June at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Serbia

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Serbia at a meeting on Thursday, June 6, decided to declare the natural disaster regime in the country due to heavy precipitation and river flooding in the Central regions of the country. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the rossm.

“Due to heavy rain, hail and swollen rivers have caused great material damage in selected municipalities, the government adopted the decision to declare a natural disaster regime”, – stated in the message.

Previously a victim of the flooding was a man near the city of Trstenik in Central Serbia. 60-year-old resident of the village of Seliste took the tractor to inspect the damage from water on the fields and was taken by the water stream together with the vehicles.

Experts say that the water in the Central regions of the country are slowly disappearing, however, due to heavy rains, the situation remains difficult. Flooded more than 600 objects, water flows destroyed 16 bridges, traffic blocked in 20 areas, destroyed crops in the fields. To help the victims joined the armed forces of Serbia.