In Severodonetsk held a forum on land reform

В Северодонецке состоялся форум по земельной реформе

Yesterday in Severodonetsk held a forum on land reform, in which they discussed topical issues of development of agrarian sector of economy. Reports a press about it-service Lugansk yeah.

Thus, the head of the regional state administration – head of the regional military-civil administration Sergei Gaidai noted that the issue of free land market is particularly relevant for the Luhansk region. She is agricultural and 30% of total production, the region receives it at the expense of agriculture.

“Ukrainian land is the fundamental national wealth protected by the state and at the same time are a strategic asset for sustainable development of the national economy,” said hayday.

In turn, the Deputy Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky focused their attention on the fact that the land reform will change the existing model of relations in the agricultural sector. So, it will give fair rules for legitimate investors, the development of farming and small agricultural production, establish a market, and not corrupt land prices and fill local budgets.

Also at the forum the representative of the President of Ukraine on land issues Roman Leshchenko said that the results of the land audit showed that of the 10 million hectares of land of state ownership, with only 7.6 million hectares.

“Today, everything is honed to make real changes, and not to tell, as did the previous 18 years, and how important the moratorium, as he protects us all. Frankly, the results of the audit and the inventory that we had last month, we were just shocked, what a rip off carried out in recent years. We firmly believed that we have more than 10 million hectares of land state ownership, but now we barely raised 7.6 million”, – said the Commissioner on land issues.

Author Yana Romanchenko.