In Severodonetsk swans was chosen by the local lake and brought the Chicks (photos)

В Северодонецке лебеди облюбовали местное озеро и вывели птенцов (фото)

In Severodonetsk Lugansk area the lake Clean was chosen by the swans. From the graceful birds have already appeared offspring.

Next to a pair of swans on clear lake residents Severodonetsk now can see the whole brood.

Little Lebeda covered with gray fluff, and nothing like the adult birds. The Severodonetsk can see the Chicks even close – several times a day the swans swim close to the shore, the rest of the time toddlers learn to swim and sometimes ride on the back of my mother, who constantly ensures that the Chicks had not swum far from it. However, to go and needless to bother the birds is not worth it.

This is the first in several years in the history of “Swan lake” case when “Birdman” grows a new generation.

As you know, these birds begin to breed in the fourth year of life. According to experts, the Chicks will be attached to their parents throughout the year.