In some cases, a lump could be dangerous

В каких случаях жировик может быть опасен

Doctor Sergey Agapkin said that the white bumps occur in every tenth person, and more often affecting women. He recalled that the doctors call this benign tumor of fatty tissue lipoma.

Doctor of medical Sciences Anatoly Rocky said that Wen very rarely develop into malignant tumor. He recalled that the inside of the atheroma is sebum inside lipoma – fat deposits and the contents of the cyst can be varied. In any case, to try to squeeze out the contents impossible.

– This formation occurs because of blockage of sebaceous glands. There is no normal outflow of the decay products, and the presence of Wen speaks about the violation of the conclusion of the decay products from the body. Lipoma is not dangerous but in rare cases can be transformed into a liposarcoma – said the expert.

Rock recalled that the lipoma can be moved on palpation, and other neoplasms, for example, a cyst – no. If the lipoma has changed color from yellow-white to purple or blue, you should immediately consult a doctor.

While Wen does not cause discomfort, it does not grow and does not interfere with other organs and tissues, to remove it not necessarily. Otherwise it is better to consult the doctors. Removal is performed under local anesthesia, but if the doctors have doubts in his nature, a histological study of the tumor.