In some countries there is a greater risk to get into an accident

В каких странах существует большой риск попасть в ДТП

The world health organization believes the number of deaths in road accidents per 100 thousand of population by country. This indicator reflects not only real chance to get into an accident on the road, but the severity of the consequences to which it might lead.

The lower the number, the worse the situation, that is, if a country at the 25th place, it is safer than the one on the 5th. the List is topped by African countries.

A very dangerous country

Five years ago, excelled Zimbabwe with the rate of 45 per 100 000, now – Liberia (35,9). But in Zimbabwe the situation during this time has not changed – the country is in fourth place (34,7).

In Latin America the most dangerous is the situation in Paraguay (22,7) and Ecuador (21.3 per). In Brazil (65th place), the mortality rate under the wheels is 19.7. Even better things in Argentina, occupying the 102-th row with 14 dead bodies per hundred thousand population.

In India’s security on the roads, too unimportant. Statistics show of 22.6 deaths per hundred thousand and 58-e a place in world classification.

The United States is on the 112-th place with an index of 12.4 cases per 100 000 inhabitants. China ranked the 68th place (18,2).

In some countries, the risk of getting into an accident is minimal?

The most peaceful setting around road injuries one gets in Switzerland – a country in the list is at the 172nd position with a rate of 2.7 cases per 100 000. Germany and Japan occupy 162 and 164 th place with an index of 4.1. And the safest country in the world – San Marino: there are experts world health organization has not been a single fatal accident.

Note named used cars which have “problematic” engines.