In some countries, workers from Ukraine paying the most

В каких странах рабочим из Украины платят больше всего

In recent years, more and more residents of Ukraine go abroad to work. Some do it with a view to future moving, and someone, to earn more money in foreign currency.

The lion’s share of workers settled in Poland. However, the geography of work of our countrymen constantly growing, as people choose the country where you pay as much as possible.

The highest average income of Ukrainians in the last half of the year offered in Canada – 97 000.

In Poland about 75% of all labour migrants from Ukraine, which offer salaries substantially higher than in the home country.

But this is not the highest salary in the CIS countries. Our compatriots gradually go to work in Western Europe, where for the same work they are offered higher salary.

5 countries, where they seek to work with the people of Ukraine

Czech Republic. The record after Poland this year became the Czech Republic. Every third vacancy occurred in her, if not to take into account the country-the leader on the proposals.

On average, there was offered a salary of $1 000. And the most demanded experts there were representatives of working professions – laborer, Baker and packer were the three most popular jobs from the Czech employers.

In the top 10 were the drivers of the forklift. In the Czech Republic needed them more than in other countries.

In Germany also demand the Ukrainians-laborers. High demand for sorters and drivers. In the last half of the professionals here were ready to pay in the region of 41 000 UAH per month.

Slovakia. Here offer a salary slightly less than in the Czech Republic – in the area of 25 000 UAH. And looking for the same – laborers, welders, packers. Slovak companies do not have enough Ukrainian drivers and cooks.

In Hungary also needed in the Ukrainian labor force. But now there is an outflow of Ukrainian workers from this country, as in the last half of it offered significantly less than in neighbouring Poland or the Czech Republic – about 18 000.

Israel. In fifth place is occupied by Israeli employers. Employment is primarily offered as in other countries, as a laborer and cleaners and packers. But wages here more – an average of 55 000 UAH, that is more than the average Ukrainian wage 5 times.

But many residents of Ukraine scares the far distance and they choose a job closer to home.