In southern California there was a strong earthquake

На юге Калифорнии произошло сильное землетрясение

In southern California on Thursday was a strong earthquake, its magnitude reached 6.4 on the Richter scale. Aftershocks continued for about 30 seconds. Tremors were felt even in Las Vegas in neighboring Nevada, located from the epicenter of almost 400 kilometers.

There are wounded, numerous calls received at emergency numbers in the town of Ridgecrest with a population of 28 thousand people. In several houses the fire started. The building of the local hospitals damaged, patients and staff evacuated to a safe place. On separate sites of highways cracked asphalt.

The last earthquake of this strength occurred in southern California in 1999 inside the perimeter marine corps base Twentynine Palms, its magnitude was 7.1 points. In the 1994 earthquake near Los Angeles killed 57 people, the material damage was billions of dollars. In contrast to the current, then the earthquake occurred in a densely populated area.

During the day, possible aftershocks. They can be less power, but capable of causing considerable damage, according to seismologists. According to them, relatively long pause in earthquakes in southern California does not diminish the probability of large shocks with intensity of eight points or more within a few days. However, the chances of this are small, about 5 per cent.

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