In space exploded third stage of the rocket Ariane-4

В космосе взорвалась третья ступень ракеты Ariane-4

The third stage of the European rocket Ariane-4 exploded in orbit. The explosion was recorded by the experts of space monitoring of the Military-air forces of the USA.

Writes Naked science, the explosion occurred on 22 July at about 12:17 in Kiev. The rocket launched in 1992. The experts found eight pieces.

According to media reports, the missile exploded, not in collision with any object. At the same time, it is unknown whether the new space debris a threat to the other devices.

What is known about the Ariane-4?This booster in 1992, launched into orbit a U.S.-French Topex/Poseidon, a South Korean satellite Kitsat-1 and French spacecraft S80/T. By the time of the explosion the third degree was placed on an orbit with a minimum altitude of 1000 kilometers.

The missile was designed as a universal carrier, which was a different configuration, depending on the mass to orbit of cargo. The launch took place from Kourou in French Guiana.

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